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“Nessie”: Not a Catfish!

Currently the news is full of Nessie “expert” Steve Feltham’s declaration that the Loch Ness creatures are a species of catfish (the Wels Catfish). He’s in like company with real expert Adrian Shine, who also claims that Nessie is no cryptoid long-necker, but rather a kind of sturgeon. He bases this on an early report that the beast’s back looked scaley-rough, like a crocodile or alligator, and since a sturgeon’s roughish dorsal portion bears a likeness to the named reptilians, then the report was probably of a large sturgeon. Of course, this puts the blame on the original reporter, who must have made a mistaken identification – a misidentification. And of course it arbitrarily eliminates all the other sightings of long necks, sheep-or-horselike heads, “horns”, long sinuous bodies,  legs, “paddles”, feet, and smooth hides, as well as the odd land sighting.

What is particularly galling about the press’s treatment of Feltham is its categorization of the contented recluse as an expert on Nessie. True experts on cryptoids are few and far between.  And Feltham’s only “expertise” is that he abandoned a relationship and city life for a cherished move to his year-long hermitage on the Loch’s shore. Feltham himself has had no sightings. He says he’s asked neighbors around the Loch about their experiences and theories. All this is a far cry from being an expert.

In short, Steve Feltham, although perhaps jealously admired by some Nessie fans who envy his chosen habitat, is no more an expert than the man/woman “on the street”. He doesn’t have Shine’s background as a naturalist, and his means of income is not science or scholarship, but the hand-crafting of miniature Nessie figures. Hardly the person the world, and particularly, the press, ought to classify as especially fit to pronounce on the existence and nature of the Loch Ness creatures.

Please see “Glasgow Boy’s” more detailed analysis at: