Jews for Jesus? Not Really.

“Jews for Jesus” claims to bring the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, to the Jewish people. Unfortunately, the claim, and its attendant promises, is false, for the simple reason that it is not the Jewish Jesus that is being offered.

As far as can be historically reconstructed, and derived from critical treatment of the New Testament, the original Jewish Jesus seems to have been many things, including reform movement founder, social prophet, divine union mystic, and a carrier of other socio-religious roles within Second Temple Judaism. What Jesus was not was the Jewish Messiah, demolisher of the Jewish Covenant and Torah, and/or the Trinitarian “God the Son”; but this latter figure is what Jews for Jesus is presenting to Jews as “the Jewish Jesus”.

In fact, Jews for Jesus is nothing more or less than a Protestant-evangelical church which pretends to “give Jesus to Israel”. The “Jesus” it dispenses is a hybrid mix of Pauline, Johannine and Nicean traits, unrelated to – and in conflict with – the original Jewish Jesus.

The Jewish Jesus seems to have been devoted to Torah, albeit interpreted through his vision of the here-and-now Kingdom of God; whereas Paul and John declared Torah invalid, even for Jews and Jewish converts to the Jesus movement. Crucial differences such as these could be multiplied. But the point is that Jews for Jesus offers a strange, “Gentile-ized” Jesus to the people from which he originally came.

Keith Akers has summed up the problem in an interesting article at:


One thought on “Jews for Jesus? Not Really.

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