A Dawkins Delusion

It is possible that the historical Jesus abides in the same category as the historical Richard Dawkins: both are myths, constructed by schools of believers: in the first case messianism-mysticism adherents; in the second, reductionism-atheism adherents.

In the first case, the means are relatively simple and textual; in the second, the means are sophisticated, complex and technologically advanced.

In the first case, “the living voice” of Jesus is purported to be preserved, textually; in the second case, “the living voice and image” of Richard Dawkins is purported to be “recorded”, presented, and preserved, technologically.

Just as scholars analyze Jesus’ Parable of the Sower in order to establish its simplest and perhaps earliest form, so too with Richard Dawkins, when they analyze, for example, his Parable of the Scientifically Deficient Religionist.

Difficulties arise when scholars concede that while there are perhaps three versions of Jesus’ parable, there are said to be no less than fourteen extant versions of Dawkins’ parable, each of them told – and more importantly, technologically “recorded” – supposedly by one, single, person named “Richard Dawkins”. This situation makes it apparent that the Dawkins Conventicle is being somewhat careless in the daily creation of its completely imaginary friend and group leader.

Because of this unfortunate gear-slip in Dawkins-manufacturing, the Dawkins-creators are saying that, far from indicating that Dawkins is imaginary,  these very contradictions and inconsistencies ought to be considered strong evidence for his reality. After all, they argue, all real people tell a story a bit differently each time they repeat it; therefore, argue Dawkins-constructionists,  the inconsistencies in Dawkins’ “recorded” presentations are proof positive of his reality. Moreover, the Dawkins-inventors are busily publishing books with titles such as, Richard Dawkins is my Friend; I Shook Hands with Richard DawkinsAn Afternoon with the Very Real Richard Dawkins;  There is Only One Dawkins – and He is Real, etc.

Only time will tell if scholars and technologists will be able to deconstruct “Richard Dawkins” and to pin down his actual creators and the state-of-the-art machinery by which they have created, and continue to create, the popular delusion of an imaginary but best-selling “atheist”.


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