God’s Unexpected Nature

What makes any being God? The name we place on it? Its function? Its theological or socially attributed traits?

The non-creating, non-interventionist god whose definition I happen to accept as “God” works for me personally – IF the definition and function placed on the term “God” includes:

Profundity, silence, simple Presence, undivided beingness, nonduality, serenity, infinite wisdom and infinite compassion, “Tao-ness,” unconditioned-ness, unborn-ness, non-materiality, non-object-ness, egolessness, “Tathagata-ness,” and many other divine attributes not usually, generally, or commonly ascribed to the Abrahamic and creatorist-interventionist gods.

Some folks  seem to reason that either the moon is made of green cheese or it doesn’t, or shouldn’t, exist… or that the moon would somehow become trivial or meaningless;

or that either anomalous flying objects must be extraterrestrial craft or they don’t, or shouldn’t, exist… or they become trival or meaningless.

Likewise, some people think that either God is a creator/intervener or god doesn’t, or shouldn’t, exist… or God becomes trivial or meaningless.

But that kind of thinking is just arbitrary prejudice unjustified by common sense or by more formal standards of logic. It’s prejudicial to the truth.

For example, what  if ufos turn out to be mere illusions, delusions or hoaxes – or on the other hand what if they turn out to be completely new, unknown phenomena having nothing whatsoever to do with extraterrestrial craft?

In either case the truth -whether the “common sense/reductionist/naturalistic” Mundane or the supra-rational, mind-boggling Unknown – will trump the extraterrestrial thesis and disappoint its fans.

The same applies to the god-question. Some think that either god must be a creator/intervenor, or the whole question is uninteresting and trival;   and the god question so becomes petty and meaningless.

But I say:  Not so – if truth is really our motivator.

If god turns out not to be a creator/intervener, those who insist that “He” be so will surely be disappointed. But… so what?

Truth, not human expectation, is the issue. If someone wants the moon to be made of green cheese and finds out that it’s really a space rock, that individual is bound to be disappointed… but again: so what?  Truth trumps expectation.


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