A (Hopefully) Helpful Neologism

I would like to suggest what I believe is a new term, namely, “Creatorism.” I employ it to distinguish between

1)”Creationism” as a fundamentalistic anti-evolution creation theory, on the one hand;

2) and “Creatorism” as any belief in a divine creator, on the other.

Creatorism would of course include Creationism as a subset but would not be limited to that subset. It would include the creator concepts of the Abrahamic faiths as well as some Eastern religious creator-concepts (such as that of Brahma in Hinduism.)

Not everyone who believes in a creator (for the record, I do not believe in a creator) is a fundamentalistic Creationist. And no Creationist – as far as I know – gives credence to non-Judeo-Christian creator-concepts. Therefore one can be a Creatorist and eschew fundamentalistic Creationism. But one cannot be a fundamentalist Creationist and embrace other creator-concepts.

Additionally, Creatorism would include belief in multiple creators, multiple creator deities, or dual creator deities. Again, this would exclude fundamentalistic Creationism which acknowledges only one single creator deity. Creatorism would also not exclude evolution as a means or method by which the creator(s) creates.

Perhaps, even if viable, the two terms are too close in spelling to be useful. But making some separation between fundamentalistic Creationism and non-fundamentalistic Creatorism might offer an easy means of distinguishing the two.


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